Container Gardening Ideas for the Fall

October 17, 2020

Container Gardening Ideas for the Fall

Find these rustic buckets in our metalware collection.

Video Translation: This is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and Zep and I are here and there is Chacha with this week's find of the week back out in the garden. Here is a little turtle that wants something to eat. I have been decorating for fall and I have these gorgeous pieces I want to show you. They come in a set of three, but I think what I am going to do is separate them out so people can choose what size they want. Here is your first hint. It is a fleur de lis pattern. That is the actual shelf. So the cool thing about these pieces is....I've got one unwrapped here and decorated up for fall for you to see, are these little vintage rustic style bins that are in a rectangular shape. They are super cute. They are rustic. You can see that they have little holes in them in certain areas. They are rectangular and they've got little handles on the side so they are meant to look old. They come in three different sizes and they are on our website as a set. I think what I may do is separate them out into single pieces. You can use them for firewood by the fireplace. You can use them to decorate for fall and just use the metal buckets here and use the brackets somewhere else. I will take one of these kale out. These are kale and they are beautiful plants to decorate with for fall. They come in purple and green and white and green. Here in the southwest we can leave them out all winter long along with our pansies and snapdragons and things like that. Here you can see what it looks like inside. I just put something inside there to hold up my kale just to show you how pretty they are. I will have the dimensions of each bucket up on the site, but I know you want to see what they look like hanging too! So I have the cutest thing to show you. I just had my chicken coop done and I thought they would be the most adorable addition to my coop. So you can hang these buckets too!  You can see how cute they look hanging and you can see how cute these fleur de lis scrolled brackets are. You sit your metal bucket right down on top of these. It is as easy as screwing them right into the wall inside or I put these outside. You can see how rustic they look, but aren't they adorable. I don't have anything in this one yet because I just got my coop and just got the girls situated. You can see how adorable those really are. They come in three sizes. They are on the website and you can use them for anything to decorate with for fall or the holidays. You could put foliage in them for Christmas with pinecones and on the ground or under the tree or on the wall. You can even use them as shelves and turn them over because these buckets are sealed on the bottom. Again, they come graduated because they are in three different sizes. I just love them. I think the perfect spot, of course, is on my chicken coop, but I also think they would be cute filled with firewood. Be sure and check out all of our really neat vintage finds on our website at where we have more than just antiques and be sure to go give us a like on our Facebook page. 

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