Vintage Cobalt Blue Cut to Clear Crystal Glass Vase

Vintage Cobalt blue cut to clear vase with beautiful multi hand cut pattern. Dimensions: 11.5" tall  x 6.5" wide, weighing 7 lbs   Excellent condition with no chips, damage or repairs noted.

Translation: Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques I am here to talk to you about cut to clear glass.  These are actually pieces of German made crystal that are cobalt blue cut to clear and of course the cobalt blue is easy because they are blue, but these are actually hand cut.  There are two layers of glass. There is a layer of hand blown crystal on the inside and then a layer on the outside of colored glass that goes over the crystal. These are hand cut pieces so you can see all of the hand cut facets that are cut that go through the colored layer into the clear layer. That's why glass can become so addictive because every piece is like a piece of artwork. Here you can see the different patterns. The more patterns a piece of glass has the more valuable.  This piece has what is like a sawtooth style rim, a hobstar, and what looks to be a swan.  When you look at the inside of this piece it is really beautiful.  It is a fair size piece at about 12" in diameter.  When you look at all the facets and how symmetrical they are it makes you wonder how many pieces must get thrown away before there is a piece to sell.  Here is a vase that is about 12" tall. You can see all of the detail and the different layers of the different colors of glass.  You can see here when it was cut to clear how little bits of blue were left on the edges of the hobstar as well as blue in the center. A lot of attention to detail was taken when this piece was made. These pieces aren't typically used to serve food, but instead as a display to enjoy all year long.  I have another piece here to show you. This is another vase with a totally different rim and pattern.  There are areas of blue left on the facets of this piece as well. They are just beautiful.There are many types of cut to clear such as amber cut to clear where the color is a yellow gold cut down to clear. There is green, there is red, and then there is the beautiful cobalt blue that is always striking, very elegant and very classy.  Be sure and like us on our Facebook page until next time. 

Collections: Crystal

Category: Cobalt Blue, Crystal Glass, Cut to Clear, Hand Cut, Vase

Type: Unknown Type

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