Signed Marc Sijan Art Nouveau 3D Ceramic Mirror

Signed Art Nouveau Ceramic Mirror by Artist Marc Sijan who is a very talented Serbian artist known for creating life size and life like pieces of ordinary people.  This three dimensional mirror is done with modern figurative sculpture which Marc Sijan is known for in his tributes to "real people" and is ranked #1 in the world for his hyper realistic sculptures.  In beautiful blues and neutral tones this mirror will work well with any decor.Dimensions:  19" w x 16.25" t x 4" Condition:  Note crazing, dimpling and imperfections in ceramic glaze Translation:  

Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques with our find of the week.  This week I want to show you this really cool mirror by Marc Sijan.  This is one of his older works but you can see it is three dimensional and has the face of a woman.  His mirrors are neo-classical or art nouveau in style and he believes in capturing the natural human element.  He is ranked #1 in the entire world for the art of hyper realism and he creates life size sculptures of every day humans and captures their raw emotion to show that realism.  His works are known worldwide.   He is out of Milwaukee.  Some of his art pieces are in the Milwaukee Museum of Art.  His works have been in the Smithsonian and everywhere.  He has a few life size security guards one being at the Bucks Training Center who has even fooled Michael Jordan who was not completely amused that the security guard had not responded to him when he walked in.

When Marc got his start he didn’t have any formal training in art.  He was going to school to become a teacher.  He was going to teach English and when he started taking his classes he had to take an art class and he loved the art so much it changed the path of his career and he became a world renowned artist specializing in hyper realism.  That is a little bit of cool history on an American artist that is here in the United States.  Be sure and like us on Facebook and check us out on our website at

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