Antique Cottage Style Metal Wire Hanging Garden Planter

Antique Cottage Style Metal Wire Hanging Flower Planter in a beautiful dusty blue. This is a large flower pot with a wire basket and ornate trim.  The metal insert is removable and does have a hold for water drainage. The design and color of this hanging flower pot is perfect for a country garden. Dimensions of pot only: 11"t x 14"d, hangs (chain and hook only) 21" New item, made to look distressed. 
Transcript below:


Hi. This is Jennifer and I'm here with City Farmhouse Antiques.  I wanted to show you our find of the week and it's these really cute vintage style hanging planters. They have a scrolled, Victorian type edge on them and they are all metal.  They are wire baskets with a wire frame. You can see the bottom here. I put a geranium in it.  This plant is too big for this, but it is the only one I had to show you.  What I would do is use Spanish moss and you can tuck that in right around there like so and cover up your pot. Really you could use this without planting anything in there, but the good thing about this planter is that it is about 10" wide and it is a good 6" deep so you have some good planting space. The thing that I love about this, I'm going to show you is that the insert comes out.  I hadn't actually seen one like this.  I am going to pull my geranium out and show you that the insert comes out. So there you can see there is a hole in the bottom for drainage and it is a nice size hole and the great part is the insert totally comes out so you can remove it, wash it, clean it or even use it to plant your plant and insert it back in and hang it.

They are made to look rustic and they are really cute.  I like the Spanish moss around the edge of the pot.  You can plant something in there if you want to or you can leave it in the plastic pot you get at the nursery and just cover up the sides with moss.  It's a good size you can see that it is about 12", a little over from edge to edge and depth is 6" and that is without coming up on the curved lip of it.  So you have a good size pot.  Many have been buying them in sets of 2 and hanging them on the patio and they are a light powder blue. So you can find them on my website at  Come and check out all the cute things we have for the summer out on the patio as well as home decor, such as vintage and shabby chic type items. Have a great day and enjoy being outside in the garden in this great weather.


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