Rustic Metal Two Dog Figurine Garden Water Fountain Feature with Basin

Rustic Metal Water Fountain with Two Garden Dogs.   Each dog holds their gardening tools while taking turns releasing water from their mouth into the basin. Comes with pump and hose.  Easy assembly. May take a little loosening or tightening of the screws or level tweaking to get the water to release like you want when you set them up. Dimensions:  23" t x 16" x 18" Condition: New, made to look distressed and rustic.Video Translation: Hi this is Jennifer here at City Farmhouse Antiques and this week's find of the week are these super cute little fountains that you can put outside in a courtyard or patio even inside. This is the little two dog fountain.  You may have to do a little tweaking like this little guy.  You have to make sure they are level and they should alternate pouring out the water from their mouths.  There is a little two dog fountain and a single dog water fountain.  Let me show you the single puppy fountain.  Perfect for summer.  Be sure and like us on Facebook and check us out on our website at   

Collections: Garden

Category: Gardening Dogs, Metal Water fountain, Rustic, Water Fountain

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