Antique Limoges Porcelain Cache Pot William Guerin Hand Painted Pre 1891

Starting in 1870, Guerin owned the Utzschneider Porcelaine Factory in Limoges France.  Cache pots came in 6", 9" and 12" sizes. This is the 9" size with a double sided floral design and intricate gold gild detailing in a scrolled pattern around the top. Circa 1880's Limoges. Dimensions:  9" tall x 8" x 4" Condition:  Excellent overall condition with some wear to gold.


Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques.  I’m here on a Friday morning in the storage room and I wanted to show you our Find of the Week. I absolutely love it and it’s very old!  It is an antique cache pot.  At least that is what the word looks like how it would be pronounced, but in French it is actually pronounced “CASH poe”.  My French is horrendous as I was raised to learn Spanish and even my Spanish is debatable.  This is the miniature version of a jardinière.  A jardinière is a bigger pot that would typically stand on the floor during the late 1800’s, early 1900’s that would be used an overpot.  That is actually what the word cachepot means. Cache pot is a French word and when broken down cache means to hide and in English translates into overpot.  So you would have put orchids in here or some type of plant.  The key is this pot has no holes, and being the miniature version of a jardinière you would put a piece like this on a table.  Without holes water won’t damage your table.  This piece is probably about 12” tall.  Cache pots were made of metal, porcelain, tin, ceramic etc.  You can see this one is a double sided piece with a design on both sides.  Look at all the detail on this piece.  It is just exquisite.  It is all hand painted, that is gold gild and the gold gild has been scrolled down at the bottom in a scalloped type design and you can see the coloring goes from a blush to a beautiful cream and then at the bottom there are these beautiful gold gild ball feet.  It is just beautiful.  That is what is so intriguing about that time period, people went to so much effort to make everything beautiful.  For example this piece covered up the pot of a plant.  These pots work great because with these large openings your plant has room for air circulation.  There are no holes for drainage, but you can easily tip it in the sink and drain it so your plant isn’t standing in any water. It is an absolutely beautiful piece.  I love it and was dying to share it with you. That is this week’s Find of the Week so be sure and check us out on the website at where we have more than just antiques and be sure and give us a like on Facebook!

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Category: Antique Porcelain, Cache Pot, cachepot, Limoges, William Guerin

Type: Unknown Type

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