Antique Japanese Banko Ware Clay Pottery Teapot Fish and Lobster Sea Creatures

Antique Japanese Banko Ware Clay Pottery Teapot Fish and Lobster Sea Creatures.  Circa 1900-1940.  Exquisite and extreme detail on piece with realistic eyes.Dimensions: 7" tall x 6" diameter Condition:  Excellent antique condition 


Hi,  this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here this week to show you our new find of the week. This is Banko Pottery or what is known as Banko ware. This is a very rare piece made in Japan circa early 1900’s.  It is a clay piece made out of colorful hand painted fish.  You can see that the fish wrap around the entire piece. There is a reed handle that sits on the hinges. You can see the lid comes off in the face of a little clam. There is the inside of the piece and you can see all the attention to detail of the fish that are decorated all the way from the top of the piece to the bottom. Here is a shell that is made for the spout.  As you go around you can see the lobster and another brown fish under there.  As you make your way around the pot you can see there is the tentacle that comes all the way around on the other side of the pot.  This pot is about 6 inches by 7 inches so it is a miniature tea pot. Again it was one of the more rare designs that was made. Look at all of this detail. You can see the pores on the skull of the fish.  To me, those eyes look really authentic, even the scales. As you come down around the other side you can see what looks like a stingray and another crab down here and what looks like the lobster’s claws. A very unusual piece.  Banko ware or Banko pottery is actually over 270 years old and got its start from a wealthy Japanese merchant known as Nunani Rouzan. These pieces are very collectible and come in many different designs.  Of course the value goes up depending upon how rare the pattern.  I bought this piece because I fell in love with all the attention to detail and how unique it is.  It is posted up on our website at where we have more than just antiques.  Make sure to like us on Facebook until next week.  

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Category: Banko Pottery, Banko Ware, Fish, Miniature Teapot, Sea Creatures

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