Antique Style Hanging Pulley Bucket Garden Pots

Antique French Country Style Pulley Bucket Flower Pots. These adorable metal buckets hang from a rope and pulley. The pulley comes with a hook for easy hanging. Hang outside under a tree with your favorite flowers or use indoors for easy to get to accessories. Dimensions: Buckets only: 10"t at handle x 5" diameter  Hanging 38" x 8" New item made to look distressed.  Transcript: 

Hi this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here again on a Friday with our find of the week. This is a new item this week and all of these items can be found on our website at  Let me move this in the sun so you can see it. This is a vintage style pulley bucket.  I have already had it hanging in the tree once.  You can see that the rope fits right over this little pulley and there is the hanging buckets.  So, no assembly required which is my favorite.  I even got a couple plants of Coleus here so I can use these to show you.  Let me hang onto this other bucket and show you what they look like.  See how cute that is.  They are pretty small little metal buckets, but you can use them outside for patio décor or you can use them inside next to a little desk if you have one to keep scissors, screwdrivers, and different things that you like to keep handy all the time in.   All of our items are on the website at So you can check us out there where we always have more than just antiques. Thank you for joining me again this week for the find of the week.

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Category: French Country, Hanging Flower Pots, Metal, Pulley Bucket, Vintage

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