Brad Keeler California Pottery Crested Heron Set of 2

Rare Vintage California Pottery Crested Herons by Brad Keeler.  These herons as a set make quite an impact in any room. These pieces are from a tremendously affluent estate and were mounted on beautiful marble bases with felted bottoms. They make quite a statement on any mantle or take center attraction in a showcase. 
 Video Translation Below:
Brad Keeler's signature can be seen in each bird by the crazing throughout each piece, which all Brad Keeler pottery was noted for.  Another signature mark of a Keeler piece is the white slice in the iris of each eye on every bird he made to depict a reflection. These pieces were popular during World War II and are becoming more and more rare especially in excellent condition as they were produced in the 40's and 50's and Brad Keeler unfortunately died at the early age of 39 from a heart attack. Despite the families efforts they were not able to keep the family pottery company going.  
Dimensions: 15.25" tall x wing span of 7" on one bird and 8" on another
Bases approx 1" thick total height: 16.25"
Condition:  Excellent
Video Translation: 

Hi, this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with the find of the week. These cute pieces I bought from a very affluent estate sale.  These are crested herons, and they are Brad Keeler pieces believe it or not.  I thought they looked a little Roseville, the way they were, but they are Brad Keeler.  It is California Pottery, which is very popular, and very collectible.  These are crested herons but he was also known for his service sets, like lobster service sets, rooster service sets and his birds, he did a lot of flamingoes. His pieces were always noted, all of his birds you can see the little white wedge in the eye that is made to look like a reflection of light which is a telltale mark of a Brad Keeler piece of pottery.  Then you can see all the crazing in the bird. What crazing is, is like a crackled appearance.  All of his pottery has crazing which is going to be another telltale sign of his pottery.  There you can see it on the wings of his piece.  These birds stand about 15” tall.  Now the estate that these birds were in was full of marble, chandeliers, etc. and these were plated with a marble base to match other marble table tops and pieces and they have a felted bottom.  They came from a very high caliber estate.  On the bottom typically these would say Brad Keeler or be marked with a number.  Some of his early pieces were marked “Bradster” because he started his business with someone named Webster. He  was born in 1913 and was the oldest of several children.  He was a go getter and started his own pottery business as he had grown up around pottery.  His business became quite successful in WWII and even after the war.  Unfortunately, he died at the very early age of 39. His newer pieces are marked Catherine Keeler because his family tried to keep the business going, but unfortunately they couldn’t. So his pieces are really collectible today because of course he is no longer living nor are these pieces being produced. They are very unique, they are about 15” tall, and just very different.  I figured they might be Roseville the way they looked, but in doing some research they are definitely Brad Keeler.    Now you know a Brad Keeler piece when you see one.  You know the telltale signs, and you know what pieces he is known for.  You can identify the white reflection in the eye, and the crackled appearance on the ceramic pieces.  So have a great afternoon and thank you for joining me for the find of the week.

Collections: Art Pottery

Category: Bird, Brad Keeler, California Pottery, Ceramic, Crested Heron

Type: Unknown Type

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