Emile Galle Reproduction Art Glass Vase

Beautiful hand blown double handled art glass vase patterned after the style of Emile Galle in a dark raised floral pattern with a burnt orange background.  This piece is a reproduction. Dimensions: 9" t x 6" wide Condition: Excellent overall, single fleabite noted to rim 


Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and today I want to talk to you about how to identify authentic Galle Cameo glass. I find the best way to learn is by actually looking at a “fake” or a reproduction.  A lot of these reproductions were made back in the 1990’s in Taiwan.  This particular piece I am going to show you today is not authentic. You can see by the pattern that it has the same Galle style.  I recommend studying the signature last.  Looking at all aspects of the piece of glass first and then looking at the signature last is almost like working as a detective putting all the clues together and then substantiating your case and backing it up with the signature if that makes sense. Some of the big clues are knowing the sizes and shapes of the pieces of art glass that were made by Galle.  

Another big tip is looking at the rim.  If you look at the rim here you can see that it has been sanded down to a flat edge.  It has been smoothed down. The key here is that it is flat.  An authentic piece of Galle glass will be completely rounded.  You will not see this flat top. It should be rounded. That is the first clue. The second clue is that a high quality piece of glass should be consistent throughout.  You shouldn’t see blotches of color or inconsistencies in the texture or thickness of the glass. I can’t give you any really good examples on this piece.  Another clue on this piece is that the signature is raised.  As well as the fact that this is not an authentic looking signature.  There are many fake signatures that give you a clue that this is a reproduction.  This information backs up what we have found about the rim of this piece proving it is not an original.  Again, knowing the shapes and sizes that are typical of Galle is also important.  The best way to ensure you buy an authentic piece of glass is to work with a reputable dealer and build that relationship.  You may pay more for glass, but at least you know you are paying for a piece that is authentic.  Another tip is to watch for the “verbage”, or how a piece of glass is described.  “Galle style”….. is not Galle.  That is Galle style.  “Galle like”, “in the manner of Galle”, those are all pieces you are going to want to stay away from. That is not anyone out to necessarily mislead you because they are stating the piece is the style of Galle, which it is, and they are telling you that is not true authentic Galle art glass.  Another thing you may see are the initials TIP. That is another indicator you do not have an authentic piece.  These are all tips to steer you in the right direction.  When you see pieces that are significantly marked down, because authentic Galle cameo glass is very expensive, typically that is not going to be the real deal.  Discounts are typically a tell-tale sign that is not a true authentic piece of art glass as far as Galle is concerned.  I hope these tips have helped you.  You can check out our website for other tips and other blog posts about art glass and identifying art glass, depression glass as well as other antiques and collectibles at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com and be sure and like us on Facebook.

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Category: Art Glass, Floral, Galle Style, Vase

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