Hanging Metal Garden Votive Candle Holder Orbs Set of 3

Set of 3 Hanging Metal Burnished Bronze Garden Orbs.This well made set of three metal strap orbs comes flattened and are easy to assemble. Just move the straps in your own desgin and screw on the votive candle stand in the middle and they are ready to hang. Each is a different size and can be hung at different levels as they each come with approx 3 feet of chain. They add interest, texture and an architectural element to the garden.  New item, votives not included
Dimensions: 12"t x 12"d,  14"t x 14"d, 18" x 18", each has a good weight to them, they are not flimsy.   
For those unable to watch the video or who may have a hearing impairment here is the transcript:

Hi, it’s Jennifer here at City Farmhouse Antiques and I got in the newest item I cannot wait to show you. It is actually one of my very favorites and I think I am going to cheat and keep a set of these for my garden. It doesn’t look like much yet, but this is a set of three, I got a little help here from Cocoa Bean, there is a set of three metal strapped orbs.  You can see this is how they come, I wanted you to see them so I left one like this. This is how I ship them to you.  They are just metal straps that are rust in color. There is a set of three. When you put the straps together this is how they look. This is the smallest one, but you can see there is a little metal dial you put in the bottom so you can put candles in them and hang all three of these.  All three come in different sizes to hang in the garden. I don’t know how good I am going to be at showing you this because I’m just not great at doing these things with one hand, but you can see this is how they come. All you do, it is as simple as moving these straps. You can see there, see, I moved those straps and when you move these straps apart just like this… there you can see me separate them like that.  That is all you have to do to put these together. When you move the straps they are held together down there.  When you move the straps the only thing left to do is move them how you want them to design your orb. All you do on the bottom, this plate screws onto the very bottom and that becomes your holder for your candle.  It’s that simple.  That just screws right onto the very bottom and then you move your straps around which is super simple, I just can’t seem to do it with one hand. Everybody says to take one handed videos but I have a heck of a time. It’s that simple. There you can see I did it with one hand. If I can do it with one hand you can do it with two. This is how they come, this is how I ship them to you if you want a set. Again, you see that is the smallest one which I am guessing is about 12 inches in diameter, maybe 10-12 inches, I will have pictures on the website of them hanging, but this is how easy they are to put together and they are just beautiful.  You can hang them at different dimensions in the garden and I can’t wait to hang mine.  You could put a real candle in them I guess because they are metal, but I would probably put a battery operated candle because who wants the mess. You could even put them hanging on your pergola above your outdoor table on the patio which would be great for entertaining.  They would even be beautiful for an outdoor wedding outside hanging in big trees.  So again check us out on the website.  That is where you can find them at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com.  and I am happy to ship you a set.  I will be enjoying mine.  Have a great day!

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Category: Candle, Garden Orbs, Hanging, Metal, Votive

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