Metal Clip on Birds Set of 3 with Wire Branch Nest

Adorable Set of 3 Clip on Garden Birds with stand alone wire nest.  This trio of birds will brighten up any patio or front door garden space. These birds can be individually placed and clipped onto branches or pots. The stand alone wire nest stake goes into the soil of any flower planter.  

Dimensions: Wire nest stake 4" wide x 18.5" tall, (bird only) 7.5" long x 3" tall x 2" wide 

New condition  

 For those not wishing to listen to audio here is the video transcript:

Hi, it’s Jennifer here at City Farmhouse Antiques.  I wanted to show you our find of the week.  I ordered these, they are super cute and… they are little metal bird nests with little metal birds.  There you can see the little nests.  They are on a stake so you have a stake you can put into a planter just like this.  See… there is your little bird nest and then you can put the little metal bird.  Here is a picture of the little bird with the cute wings and tail and they have clips.  They each have clips on them so you can clip them to the little nest just like so.  You can see how cute they are in the garden or you can even hang these little birds on different branches out in your yard.  On a fig tree, see here is a fig tree you just have to pick a good branch and clip him right to the branch and then you can move him around. There, you see how cute he is.  Check us out on the website .  They will be posted up on the site have a great afternoon.

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Category: Metal Clip on Birds|Wire Branch Nest

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