Murano Italian Art Glass Cockatoo Birds Set of 2

Striking Aventurine Italian Art Glass Murano pair of Cockatoos in brilliant green and metallic gold with clear wings and clear crest perched atop solid clear glass pedestals. This pair will brighten any showcase. The aventurine technique, commonly used in making Murano glass, is done by melting flecks of metal into the hot molten glass. The metal pieces give a flecked metallic appearance to the finished glass sculpture. Dimensions: 14.5" tall x 4" wide x 5.5" and 11" tall x 4" wide x 5.5" Condition: Excellent condition, no chips cracks or damage noted. The colors are fabulous.  

Translation follows: Hi there, it’s Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and it is Friday and I want to talk about the find of the week. Instead of just talking about the Find of the Week I really want to talk about Murano glass and I want to teach you a little bit about how to know you are looking at an authentic piece of Murano glass. Of course it is quite obvious why people collect it. It is eye candy. It doesn’t get any better than this. It is easy to get addicted to. This is how I got addicted to glass in general. Murano glass started my love for glass. Really looking at the different pieces, Murano glass has made everything from figurines like these birds to vases like you see back here done in the sommerso technique. You can see that they took one color of glass and then layered it by blowing other colored pieces of glass over it. It has what is called a double twist on the bottom. So that is called the sommerso technique. There is an ewer to the left of that. This beautiful piece actually has an applied handle and that you can see was done separately. You never want to pick these pieces up by their handle because you can damage the glass. You can see it has a sparkle, a gold sparkle fleck to it. This is what is called the aventurine technique. That is done a lot in Murano glass where they put metals into the molten glass to give reflection and a metallic look to the glass. Many pieces of Murano glass will have a pontil. A pontil is where it came off the punt and gets ground down. Here you can see that rough area there, but it is actually smooth. It has been ground down. It will actually have a rough, sharp appearance if it hasn’t. Typically a piece of art glass with a ground down polished pontil is a sign of a finer piece of glass. Although not all makers polish the pontils on the pieces they made. This sommerso vase, here you can get an idea of the thickness of the glass. It is very thick and going back to how you can tell it is authentic it is going to be very, very, heavy. There is going to be scratches to the bottom of the piece typically, but you can see this piece does not have a pontil . Some of them are going to be marked. You can see from the vase and ewer here that they are not marked. I believe these birds are numbered. There you can see the number. It is hard for me to focus it. Here you can see that these are numbered. Again, it doesn’t always say Murano. It is a dead giveaway when you have a tag. That makes it easier, but most pieces are not going to have a tag. Murano was also known for making these candy dishes or ashtrays. Here you can see the aventurine technique again where there is the metallic appearance and silver and gold throughout the piece and you can see the bubbles. The bubbles throughout the piece are called “bullicante” that is the bubbled appearance throughout the piece. There is also bubbles in these birds when you look a little closer. This is known as “Tutti Frutti” because there is a multi-color flecked appearance within that cockatoo. Just the craftsmanship that goes into these pieces. These are different layers of glass. You can see the striations of glass within the birds. This is one of my favorite sets of birds. You can see the clear glass, the beautiful pink, and then going into the golds they just sparkle inside that inner layer of glass. The detail is beautiful. They made a lot of different pieces like decanters. I have an older decanter here with a lot of gold gild on it. Typically these pieces will come as a set. I had a beautiful cobalt set with silver gilt. They will come with goblets with that enameled floral pattern and a twisted stem. Sometimes they will be marked. Again, the cobalt blue set I had was signed on the tray and numbered. There are pieces like this one, different sized vases. This is a very tall vase, but again when you pick these pieces up that is going to be the sure way to tell if you are really looking at a true piece of Murano glass. You can see the lip on this and how wide it is. This is a very, very, heavy piece of glass. Sometimes they will have an Ogetti sticker, and sometimes you will have a signature. Having a signature isn’t always the way to tell you have an authentic piece. Many times it is just by picking them up and feeling the glass and feeling the weight of the glass. Once you know how heavy they are it is very easy to pick up a piece and know if it is not authentic. Those are your tips for picking out Murano art glass. Maybe I have made a few people collectors. That is how I got started. It is just beautiful in a room to have these on a table or in a case. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and the birds happen to be my favorite if you can’t tell. Until next time check us out at where we definitely have more than just antiques and come and like us on our Facebook page. 

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